Stop Smoking support

The Stop Smoking Service offers specialist support programmes with highly trained advisors, who can help you quit smoking.

This is delivered through the provision of products, for example Nicotine Replacement Therapy and prescribed medications, alongside advice around the behavioural and habitual side of the addiction. With the help of our service, you are three times more likely to successfully quit.

Why should I stop smoking?

Stopping smoking is the single most important lifestyle change you can take to improve your health and your future and that of your family. As well as substantially reducing your chances of developing more than 50 serious health conditions, including heart and respiratory disease, stopping smoking could significantly improve your quality of life.

Where can I get support?

Contact the Stop Smoking Service to book an appointment with a specialist advisor. Alternatively, you can contact your GP Surgery to book an appointment with their in-house advisor or ask at your local pharmacy if they have a trained advisor.

Milton Keynes Stop Smoking Service

Telephone 0800 013 0553 or contact them by email here.

Current news/issues

The Stop Smoking Service has launched a new free comprehensive app called ‘My Quit Route’ that can be used by anyone who lives and works in Milton Keynes.  ‘My Quit Route’ provides 24 hour support 7 days a week.  So, why not download the app from your normal app store and contact The Stop Smoking Service.