Street Naming and Numbering

The Council is responsible for street naming and numbering, providing addresses to developers and individuals for new properties and for renumbering streets when need arises.

Why is Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) important?
Who should apply?
When should you apply?
How to apply?
What needs to be included in an application?
Is there a charge?

Why is Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) Important?

If a property is not 'registered' through the street naming and numbering process your address will not appear on the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) or the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) and the owner/occupier may encounter difficulties in obtaining services such as;

  • utilities
  • applying for credit cards 
  • mobile phone contracts
  • obtaining mail order goods 
  • critically being located by the emergency services in emergencies

Milton Keynes Council has a statutory power to name and number streets as well as to approve and officially register property addresses within the Borough.

Royal Mail will not allocate a postcode until they receive official notification of new or amended addresses from the Council. back to top

Who should apply?

  • Individuals or developers building new houses, apartments, commercial or industrial premises
  • Individuals or developers undertaking conversions of residential, commercial or industrial premises which will result in the creation of new properties or premises
  • Any person who wishes to change their existing address back to top

When should you apply?

For any new build or conversion of a property you should apply to us for address allocation once you have received planning and building regulation approvals. We will then produce a street naming and numbering scheme for your development and contact the Royal Mail who will allocate the postcode to the approved address. Utility companies are reluctant to install services without an official address and postcode. If your request involves the naming of new streets please allow sufficient time due to the consultation process with local ward Councillors and Parish Councils. We would not normally officially register an address until a site commences (i.e. footings being laid). back to top

How to apply?

 Apply Online for Street Naming & Numbering is the easiest way to apply for Street Naming and Numbering. Alternatively it is possible to complete a SNN Manual Aplication Form and post it to the Street Naming and Numbering Officer.

Applications will not be processed until the full fee has been paid by the applicant, payment may be made by debit or credit card when applying online, or over the phone. Cheques may be sent with postal applications or can be paid over the phone upon receipt of the application by our administration team contacting you for payment. back to top

What needs to be included in an application?

  • If you are not the owner of the property you will require a letter proving that you are acting on the owners behalf
  • A clear map showing the site boundary, with north arrow showing access roads and the position of door access to the street
  • In larger development schemes it is important to show the type of property to be addresses particularly if any flats or commercial buildings are included. In flatted developments please provide detailed floor plans together with all access points
  • If the development includes blocks of apartments or large commercial buildings the developer may wish to suggest building names back to top

Is there a charge?

Charges for Street Naming and Numbering Services are applicable for most services other than changing or adding a house name. Should at the end of the process it be found that you have been over charged or that additional services not selected need to be paid for you will be contacted by our administration team who will take payment or issue a refund over the telephone to your debit or credit card. back to top

Last Updated: 4 April 2019