Workplace Travel Planning

What is a Workplace Travel Plan?

A workplace travel plan (WTP) is a document which highlights a package of practical measures outlining how a workplace will promote sustainable modes of travel to employees, visitors, for deliveries and help reduce business mileage.

Initiatives and measures highlighted within a WTP could be for the following modes of travel; walking, cycling, electric vehicles (EVs), public transport, car sharing or reducing the need to travel all together.

The benefits of having a workplace travel plan at your business include:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Reducing need for car parking (and paying for maintaining car parking spaces)
  • A more punctual workforce with less absenteeism
  • Sites that are more accessible to your customers
  • Mitigating your overall environmental impact.​

Workplace travel plan guide 2015 (PDF, 522KB)

Travel Plans as part of a planning application

Businesses and developers looking for guidance on how to construct a travel plan to support a planning application or the discharge of an existing condition should refer to our Workplace Travel plan guidance (this can be found as a document on this webpage).

We encourage businesses and developers to engage with us early in the planning application process to ensure the Travel Plan submitted meets all requirements and to be able to suggest measures to support modal shift for inclusion in your Travel plan to support. We can also provide access to Milton Keynes Council’s suggested online Travel Plan monitoring system.

The Travel Planning Officers will be happy to provide advice and comments on Travel Plans submitted. Please contact us on

Voluntary Travel Plans

For businesses looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility, reduce parking demand and promote improvements to staff health and wellbeing a workplace travel plan can be of real benefit. We welcome interest from any companies or organisations looking to develop a voluntary WTP. We can provide advice and guidance on how to get started and support you to maintain your Travel Plan.

For guidance and support in developing a voluntary Travel Plan please don’t hesitate to contact us


Milton Keynes Council supports national and local sustainable travel campaigns which take place throughout the year. Below are some details of sustainable travel campaigns which could be used to promote and take part in at your business.

  • Walk to Work Week - Walk to Work Week is a campaign pioneered by the sustainable travel charity Living Streets. The week is designed to encourage workplaces and employees to make a step change in their travel habits and encourage employees to give walking a go. This campaign usually takes place in May.

  • Bike Week – National Bike Week normally takes place in June. The campaign is an opportunity to promote cycling and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’, whether this as part of a commute to work or for leisure.  The 2016 Bike Week had a focus on encouraging people to use their bike to cycle to work.

  • Catch the Bus Week - The Greener Journeys campaign ‘Catch the Bus Week’ is a nationwide campaign aimed at driving awareness of the benefits of taking the bus. More info at:  Catch the bus

  • European Mobility Week – This campaign for urban mobility runs annually from 16-22 September. The project focuses on urban mobility.

  • Cycle to Work Day – Cycle to Work Day encourages everyone to take to two wheels and cycle to work for one day. The aim is to see a million regularly cycling to work by 2021.  Cycle to work

  • Liftshare Week – normally take place at the beginning of October, National Liftshare Week aims to highlight the benefits of car sharing. Milton Keynes Council runs a car share permit scheme for CMK employees. Information about the scheme can be found here: Car Share

  • Commute Smart Week – Commute Smart Week normally takes place in November.  The aim of this campaign is to highlight the importance of continuing to commute in a safe and sustainable way throughout the winter months.

Get Smarter Business Travel MK

Get Smarter Travel MK workplace engagement will support organisations in understanding their staff travel behaviour and help to make changes that will have a positive impact on organisations.

Our experienced Transport Planners are contacting businesses now to help achieve these goals.

Get Smarter Business Travel MK Workplace Engagement Support

  • Establish the baseline evidence for your organisation
  • Help your organisation put the evidence into action
  • Provide resources and signposting to get more support
  • Highlight next steps in a Travel Action Plan

For further information contact

Smarter businesses in Milton Keynes recognise active travel means improved staff health and wellbeing as well as reducing unnecessary car trips and creating capacity on our road network, which is good for business.

Modeshift Starsfor

Starsfor will support new and expanding places of work by offering a high standard online travel plan system (which links to BREEAM standards). 

The system will also allow for high standards in travel plan creation to be recognised by offering accreditation to workplaces that demonstrate a commitment to promoting sustainable travel to staff and visitors.

To register your organisation, please visit:

Coming Soon…

A workplace toolkit giving you lots more information on sustainable travel options, and answers FAQs about the measurable ways in which sustainable travel plans can positively impact your business.

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Last Updated: 4 March 2020