MK Move Bus Ticket

MK Move bus ticket

Milton Keynes’ multi operator ticket the MK Move will be available from 30 October on a new smart card.

You can order your card now online at Get Smarter Travel and it includes the monthly pass previously only available at the MKube travel shop.

From the launch you will also be able to buy and top up cards form the machine at Milton Keynes Station and collect online top ups from that machine or the smaller top up post nearby. 11 of the larger machines and 90 of the posts will be going in around the network over the next few months.

Cards will be usable on bus with the following operators Arriva, Redline, Uno, Red Rose, Vale, Z&S from 30 October.

In addition to adding day, week and 4 week passes the card also offers an e-purse so you can by operator own tickets for your travel in and around Milton Keynes. With operators not accepting cash due to COVID 19 this is a great alternative if you don’t have a contactless bank card.

Passenger Transport contact form

Passenger Transport contact form

To contact us about public transport issues including MK Move or MK Connect please use the link below.

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