Residential Travel Planning

What is a Residential Travel Plan?

A residential travel plan is a package of measures designed to reduce the number and length of car trips generated by a residential development. It also supports more sustainable forms of travel and encourages reducing the overall need to travel.

It differs from a workplace or school travel plan in that there will be multiple destinations and changing journeys that residents will be making. These trips are likely to be both within and outside the development boundaries.

The benefits of residential travel plans include:

  • Being an important tool for delivering accessible communities.
  • Attracting new residents by offering a wide range of transport benefits and travel choices.
  • Encourage a reduction in traffic.

As with other types of travel plans it is expected that a residential travel plan will:

  • Contain soft promotional measures and hard infrastructure measures – these are often more varied than other Travel plans to address the variety of journeys. These are often on and off site.
  • Have aims, objectives, targets and an action plan to ensure the travel plan has focus and appropriate measures are undertaken.
  • Have a travel plan co-ordinator to drive the travel plan and engage with residents
  • Be monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • This guidance looks at residential travel plans in the context of new development, where the travel plan.

Please contact: for guidance in developing a residential travel plan.


New Milton Keynes residents

New residents looking to explore the local area or find out where your nearest services are may find our online interactive mapping tool useful. You will be able to find your nearest doctors surgery, post office and school, reducing your need to travel. 

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