Access Protection Markings

Access Protection Markings (APMs) are single white 'H' lines painted on the road in front of a driveway or other accesses. They can help to deter other road users from parking in front of the access point and causing an obstruction.

They can help where there is an ongoing issue with obstructive parking however they are advisory and are not enforceable.

Installing APMs is not a compulsory service provided by the council and they are offered at our discretion. All costs must be met by the applicant including ongoing maintenance e.g. refreshing the lines if they become faded.

A marking will be painted along the length of the dropped kerb, adjacent to the driveway. Approved requests for APMs will be painted in batches as part of our overall line painting works, this is usually done within 8 weeks of an approved application.

The cost is £223 per application. This fee covers the costs of processing the application. Please check the criteria carefully before applying.

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