Garage licence agreements

When we receive your application we will contact you. You must sign a licence agreement, and agree to the terms set out in the agreement.

  • Before you can sign a licence agreement you must show us some identification such as a driving licence or passport and a copy of a current household bill.
  • You cannot rent a garage from Milton Keynes Council if you have rent arrears for your current or previous council tenancy.
  • If you do not pay your garage rent a Notice to Quit will be issued and arrangements will be made to replace the locks on the garage. If you do not contact us we will arrange to dispose of any items that you may have stored in the garage and recharge you for this. We will also take action to recover the debt from you.

Garage repairs

If you rent a garage from us and you want to report a repair, please see Report a Repair(Mears)

Neighbourhood Services

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