If you’re a Milton Keynes City Council tenant living in a home that’s bigger than you need – you might want to consider downsizing.  

Downsizing to a smaller property has lots of advantages such as saving on monthly bills and paying less council tax. It can also be an opportunity to move somewhere more suitable that’s easier to manage.  

Do I qualify to downsize? 

If you’re a secure tenant of Milton Keynes City Council with one or more spare bedrooms, you could qualify for our downsizing scheme. You could also qualify if you have a tenancy with a registered social landlord who agrees to re-let their home to a Milton Keynes City Council tenant.  

Financial Support and help to move 

Tenants who decide to join the scheme and downsize will be compensated financially and given help to move into their new property. For example, if you’re currently living in a five-bedroom house and opt to downsize to a smaller two-bedroom property, you’ll receive £3000 under the scheme - £1000 for every bedroom downsized.  

The scheme will also offset any rent arrears and offer you up to £500 to cover any relocation costs you might incur – please see our Downsizing Incentive Payment leaflet for more information. 

Downsizing FAQ's

What is downsizing?

Downsizing is a voluntary scheme that helps you move from your current property to a smaller property with fewer bedrooms

Who can apply for the downsizing scheme?

If you are a secure tenant of Milton Keynes City Council or hold a tenancy with a registered social landlord, who agrees to re-let their home to a Milton Keynes City Council tenant and have one or more spare bedrooms you can apply to downsize. There are a number of benefits and incentives that you will be entitled to. 

How can I apply?

If you’re thinking about downsizing or would like to find out more about the scheme, contact our Housing Allocations team on 01908 252937 (option 4) or email them at 


What happens to the home that I release?

The property you downsize from will go back on to the council’s housing allocations register and be allocated to someone currently on the council’s waiting list. 

I have rent arrears can I still downsize?

If you are experiencing problems managing your finances or have rent arrears, we can support you. We can arrange for you to receive financial advice that could identify benefits that you may be eligible for to help pay off your debt. 

How quickly can I downsize?

We will prioritise all applications and work to identify suitable homes for applicants as quickly as possible

Housing - Allocations Team

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