Mellish Court and The Gables

MK City Council has been working closely with Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service to assess the quality and safety of both Mellish Court and The Gables.

Current situation

Looking ahead to expected changes in government regulations on tall buildings, and the recent fire at The Gables, the Council decided to carry out very thorough inspections at both buildings. This involved stripping back walls in empty properties and seeking professional advice from industry experts, including the Fire and Rescue Service.

The findings suggest that in the event of a fire, both of these 1960’s properties have not been built to standards now expected to prevent the risk of smoke and fire spreading between flats and floors. As a result, we have changed the ‘stay put’ policy to one where we will evacuate the buildings promptly if necessary.

We have also implemented a 24/7 warden service at each building. This means that there are now trained people on hand at all times to evacuate the building, if that was ever needed.


The Council made a formal decision on 1 December 2020 to consult with tenants and leaseholders on the future of Mellish Court and The Gables.  The consultation started on 14 December 2020 and ended on 8 February 2021. The Council is now reviewing the feedback received and will make a decision on the next steps in March.



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