Supply and Acquisitions

What we do

The Supply and Acquisitions Service sources affordable homes for residents who are in need.  We aim to raise the standards in the private rental sector by educating landlords and supporting our residents to access the right type of accommodation. Our team is fully trained in sourcing and giving advice on private sector properties as it is important that landlords assets are protected

The Service works in partnership with the Private Sector Housing Team to provide information, advice and services including: 

Information for Landlords

Keeping your property in safe and good repair

The checks you need to undertake before and whilst renting your property


Health and Safety

Standards which must be met whilst letting out your property


Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

Information and guidance on Housing of Multiple Occupancy

Right to rent

Information on right to rent

Tenancy Deposits and Tenants Fees

Rent problems - If a tenant hasn't paid their rent

Tenants are responsible for making sure that their rent is paid on time every time however residents’ circumstances can change overnight and make it difficult for them to keep up with the payments. 

If rent arrears occur we would urge you to contact us so we can support you as the landlord and also connect your tenant to our Housing Solutions Service to see if they can help your tenant.

You can also direct your tenant to this service and make them aware that more advice is available on our Unable to Pay your Rent, Help with Deposits and Rent in Advance (HPF Loans) 


Eviction can be a costly and stressful experience for everyone involved and is often the last choice for landlords. Landlords and tenants have certain rights and responsibilities and there are strict procedures that must be followed. For up to date information please check Additional advice and guidance can also be found at Shelter UK.  


We can offer landlords advice and support if they are considering giving notice to a tenant by offering:

  • A dedicated point of contact within our housing solutions team
  • Help with rent arrears
  • Universal Credit support
  • Specialised tenant support
  • Help with communication issues

We would like landlords to speak to us first before serving a tenant with any Notice to Quit to see if we can help in any way to keep those tenants in that home.


If your landlord serves on you a Section 21 notice to end your tenancy and you are unable to find alternative accommodation you can contact our Housing Solutions Service to discuss what help they can offer you.

Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme and how to register with us

The Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme provides a financial incentive & guaranteed rental income to Private Sector Landlords, the incentive is determined by the size of the property, and it is paid directly to landlords.  We invite all landlords with properties in Milton Keynes or in other locations to join the scheme and offer prospective tenants an assured shorthold tenancy for 6,12, 24 months or longer.

There are several additional benefits afforded by the landlords’ cash incentive scheme:

  • It is an important solution to help the Council prevent homelessness for those households who approach for assistance.
  • It provides better outcomes for residents through offering affordable housing solutions.
  • It provides better outcomes for the Council through reducing reliance on more expensive temporary accommodation.
  • Prospective tenants supported through this scheme are given the opportunity to resettle and reduce dependency on the Council.
Housing - Supply and Acquisitions Team

Supply and Acquisitions Team contact information

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