Grant funding for sport and physical activity

To support the development of sport and physical activity opportunities in MK, the following grant funding is available


  • Leap (Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire Active Partnership) grant search facility will help assist you to identify funding opportunities appropriate for your organisation’s needs. Should you need support through this process, please contact Leap directly for advice and guidance.
  • Buckinghamshire Funding Search offer a wide funding search engine where criteria can be selected and fund information shared.  Simple registration required to access search.


  • Sport England – a variety of funding opportunities are available for sport and physical activity programmes and enhancing facilities in line with the national policy of an active nation
  • National Governing Bodies of Sport - funding is available for supporting the growth and development of individual sports. The funding amount and criteria vary between funders.
  • Leap (Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire Active Partnership) – a coaching fund is available to help individuals in MK clubs to obtain level 1, 2 or 3 coaching qualifications and leadership awards. Satellite funding is available to grow school club links.
  • Sport MK – grants are available to clubs, including start-up grants; coaching courses; equipment; bursaries for talented athlete development. Clubs affiliated to Sport MK are able to apply regularly for club grants to support their development.
  • MK Community Foundation – support community groups and projects to grow and make Milton Keynes a great place to live.
  • Tariff and Section 106 funding - Planning obligations enable the council to gain and distribute developer contributions towards local infrastructure for leisure and sports. Organisations are able to benefit from these funds to enhance their facilities where development has taken place local to the site.
Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team contact information

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