Health condition programmes

If you are new to exercise, have not done it for a while or have been advised to be active to control a medical condition, Milton Keynes has AMKERS available to support you. 

  • AMKERS (Active Milton Keynes Exercise Referral Scheme) - exercise programme for inactive or general health conditions

Your local GP, specialist nurse or other health professional can refer you to the programme. Simply check you are suitable and ask them to complete a referral to the programme on your behalf.

The programme is delivered in various leisure facilities across Milton Keynes, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Appropriately trained staff members will guide you through your programme whilst supporting your needs.

See below for further information about AMKERS. If you are interested in attending the AMKERS then please speak to your GP/ Health professional who can refer you to one of the following Leisure Providers:

Bletchley Leisure Centre

Middleton Pool and Fitness Centre

Windmill Hill Golf Centre

Wolverton Pool and Fitness Centre

Active Milton Keynes Exercise Referral Scheme (AMKERS)

*GP/ Heath Professional referral only*

Suitable for

For those needing help to get active, who are overweight or have a controlled medical condition which will benefit from exercise 

Programme details

12-week programme of one-to-one or small group activity, up to two 1 hour sessions per week.

Activities include gym-based exercise, swimming or gentle exercise classes.

The instructor will undertake an initial health assessment and support you through a personal programme tailored to your needs with a final assessment at the end of the programme. 


The programme will aim to give you confidence to exercise independently beyond the course.


The referral programme is at a discounted rate.

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team

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