Ping table tennis

Ping is a free street table tennis programme across MK and other UK cities.

Over 20 tables can be found in MK community spaces, with bats and balls available to use for free.

To join in the fun, simply head to a table and play. Ping! is fun, free and for all. Find your nearest MK table here

Where to find bats and balls

Various partners look after the tables, so check the Ping! website for more detail, your local parish council or contact us.

How to play the game

For hints and tips of how to hold the bat, rules of the game and fun games ideas search here

Who to play with

Looking for a club?

Search our club finder information pages or contact us to advise the most used tables where you may find others to play alongside.

Looking for a new table in your community

If you are interested in a table for your community contact us to discuss the options and see more here

Reasons to play

Ping table tennis is fun, find out 10 reasons why you should play here

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team contact information

Leisure and Communities, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ