Sport and active communities strategies

Adopted in March 2014, the Sport and Active Communities Strategy will enable the delivery of sport and leisure services across Milton Keynes and ensure that there is a network of facilities in place to cater for the needs of the current and expected population.

The strategy was developed with partners and led by the Milton Keynes Sports Board and includes the Playing Pitch Strategy adopted March 2015.

Sport and Active Communities Strategy

Facilities section 

The facilities section of the strategy covers sports halls, swimming pools, artificial grass pitches, athletic tracks, health and fitness, indoor bowls, indoor and outdoor tennis, squash, bowling greens, community centres, golf, cycling, and gymnastics up to the period to 2026 to give consistency with the planning framework for Milton Keynes.

The facilities section summary

This document is an executive summary of the larger facilities document for ease of reference.

Appendices 1 - 6

APPENDIX 1:       FPM Model Description, Inclusion Criteria and Model Parameters
APPENDIX 2 National Planning Policy Framework 2012 Extract
APPENDIX 3:     Community Asset Transfer List of Sites
APPENDIX 4: :   Community Asset Transfer Action Plan
APPENDIX 5: Stantonbury Indoor Athletics Training Proposal
APPENDIX 6:     Middleton Pool Extension Proposal 

Community right to bid

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team

Leisure, Community and Sports Development Team contact information

Leisure and Communities, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ