Corporate information management team privacy notice

This Privacy Notice is to be read in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council’s Corporate Privacy Notice.  For more details about this, please visit:

MKC Corporate Privacy Notice

Everything we do with information about people, such as how we collect it and who we share it with, has to comply with the Data Protection legislation. A key part of this is being open about how we use information and what rights you have in respect of information we hold about you.

This Notice tells you how your personal data is used within the Corporate Information Management Team if you contact us.

If anything in this Notice is not clear, or if you have any further queries, please get in contact with the Data Protection Officer using the details at the end.

What information do we hold?

As a Team, we do not actively or routinely research/publish information about people. Most of the personal data we collect starts as a result of:

  • An individual directly contacting us wanting to use one of our services – either for themselves or on behalf of someone else
  • An organisation contacting us – generally on behalf of an individual and with their knowledge.

Why do we have it and what do we use it for?

We provide a number of statutory services covering Data Protection (including General Data Protection Regulations), Freedom of Information, Environmental Information, and Re-use of Public Sector Information. We are under a legal obligation to provide these services, and to deliver these we need to hold and use personal information about those approaching us for our services.  Therefore if you decide to contact us about the above, the law that requires us to provide that particular service will be our lawful basis for collecting and using your personal data, as we can’t provide you with the service without it.

Whenever we use information, we always limit this to only the details that are needed and we ensure that it is used safely and securely. We require anyone we share information with, or who uses it on our behalf, to do so too. All staff within our Team receive training on data protection and information security.

Who we share information with and why

We share information with a range of different types of people and organisations depending on the service being provided or the statutory requirement that we have to comply with.  The types of recipients include:

  • Someone acting on your behalf (if you have asked them to do so)
  • Other Teams and Services within Milton Keynes Council
  • Other local government organisations if the service the Council is providing to you is in partnership with them (or if the information you seek is held by them) (eg Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire)
  • Regulatory bodies, investigators and ombudsman (for example Information Commissioner’s Office, Local Government Ombudsman)

How long we keep hold of information for

We keep information for as long as required for the relevant service we are offering.  The longest we keep any personal information for is 6yrs although for quite a lot of what we do, we only keep it for 2 or 3 years. This is based on either a legal requirement (where a law says we have to keep information for a specific period of time) or guidelines developed by the Local Government Association.

What rights you have

For more information on the rights that you have under Data Protection legislation, please see our MKC Corporate Privacy Notice

Data Protection Officer contact details


Telephone: 01908 254767

Post: Data Protection, Milton Keynes Council, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3HS