Placemaking privacy notice

As Placemaking is part of Milton Keynes Council, this information should be read in conjunction with the Council’s Corporate Privacy Notice. For more information please see our corporate privacy notice here

Everything we do with information about people – such as how we collect it and who we share it with – must comply with the Data Protection Act. A key part of this is being open about how we use information and what rights you have in respect of it.

This notice tells you what information we collect and process about you when you ask for or get help from our Placemaking Team. This information covers the work of the following teams/services:

  • Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
  • Conservation and Archaeology
  • Leisure and Community Facilities
  • Community Asset Transfer

Broadly speaking the Placemaking team play a key role in enabling the planning, design and delivery of high-quality places where people want to live, work, play in and visit. We process the personal data mentioned below as part of our public task.

Information we hold

There are 3 primary ways/reasons we hold personal information:

  1. the primary way we hold information about you is in response to consultations we undertake on projects that we prepare.  In this instance we publicise a consultation on a project, and you may elect to provide a response / comment on what we have proposed in the project.  The information that you normally provide might include the following personal details:
  • name
  • address
  • contact number
  • email

The information we collect is kept in project folders stored on the council’s secure database where it is only accessible to staff within the council and only within growth, economy and culture (some is password protected – outlined where this occurs)

We prepare a table of consultation comments that is publicly available, but this only includes the consultees name and no other personal details.

Why we have it and what we use it for

We use the comments that you have submitted to inform the project we are preparing to ensure that the project reflects or at least considers comments received from consultees. 

We collect only the information that we need to carry out these functions and we ensure that it is used and stored safely and securely.

Who we share information with and why

We don’t get asked to share any personal details and we don’t specifically share any personal details with anyone

The only personal information that becomes publicly available is individual consultees names.  This information in turn only becomes publicly available when the comments table (mentioned above) gets published with the delegated decision report.

How long we keep hold of information for

We only need to keep information for the duration of the project. Once it is complete and approved, we don’t need to keep any consultee comments and hence personal details. Currently however we don’t tend to delete any of this information once the project is complete. It tends to stay within the Council’s secure database and is kept for future reference. Staff from the Placemaking team receive e-mails from external individuals regarding placemaking related projects or programmes or initiatives that they are leading on. These individual mostly represent a business or organization who want to contribute or comment on an aspect of a project. 

The information we hold is just their e-mail address and almost exclusively it is a work e-mail address. These e-mail addresses may get circulated to internal staff and external stakeholders if that individuals view /comment / question needs to be seen by others.

The Leisure and Community Facilities team hold the following information:

  • primary schools in Milton Keynes book school swimming sessions directly with them.  The only information we hold is the child’s name (linked to the relevant school), this is for assessments at the beginning and end of term.  Once the assessment information is collated the child is just a number and all names are shredded.
  • we hold personal details of contacts for Community Registration Scheme. This also includes email addresses of individuals who are DBS registered.  These details get sent onto LGSS who then send onto the central DBS centre.  We require to keep the contact details of those who are DBS registered as we need to write to them every 5 years to so that they can renew their DBS registration. These names are all password protected with the password only being known by 2 people.  All hardcopy information of personal details gets shredded as soon as it has been sent onto the DBS
  • we hold the personal details of the Health Walk Leaders as well as Swimming Instructors, but this is password protected with the password only known by 2 people
  • we hold participant details from previous Sport and Leisure Courses run by the Community and Leisure Facilities team as well contact details of individuals who have previously volunteered to work at sporting and leisure activities. These are not currently protected
  • We hold contact details for community-based groups who are recipients of wider use funding to help them run community activities. We keep contact details to write to them to inform them that they need to apply for funding each financial year
  • details of newly recruited members of staff – this includes details of ID, Certificates, contact details etc.  - all required to be provided to HR for the safer recruitment process. We are required to keep hold of this for 6 months in case of any challenge to recruitment. We will ensure that this is password protected.

What rights you have

You have various rights around the data we hold about you for more details about these, see our Corporate Privacy Notice at:

MKC Corporate Privacy Notice

Any request to access your rights can be submitted to the Data Protection Officer. Whether we can agree to your request will depend on the specific circumstances and if we cannot then we will explain the reasons why.

If we are processing your information based on you giving us consent to do so, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Doing so may mean we are unable to provide the service you are hoping to receive and the implications of you giving or withdrawing your consent will be explained at the time.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of how your information has been collected and/or used, you can make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer. You can also report concerns to the national regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office. Their details can be found on their website:

Contact information

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