Supporting families team privacy notice

In order to identify and support families experiencing complex difficulties, Milton Keynes Council services and partner organisations across the borough will be sharing relevant information about families with each other.  This is to enable a practical, joined up approach to support families in a way which will be effective.

The information that will be shared will include information about education and attendance and exclusion, youth crime, anti-social behaviour, adults out of work and children receiving social care services.  This information will be used in accordance with Data Protection Legislation for the purpose of identifying, supporting and evaluating the families with the most need. Information will be held securely and will only be used and shared on a strict need to know basis with limited partners in Milton Keynes:

  • Housing Teams
  • Police
  • Youth Offending Services
  • Probation Services
  • Health Services
  • Children’s Services
  • Adult Services
  • Family Assessment and Support Team (FAST)
  • Education Services
  • Early Years Support Teams
  • Voluntary Services/Agencies
  • Integrated Youth Services
  • Children and Family Centres
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
  • Schools

Personal information gathered for the Supporting Families Programme will be deleted when it is no longer needed for the purposes of the Programme.  Families identified to receive targeted support will be contacted and families will be asked to consent to their information being shared.

Government Evaluation and Research

In order to assess how well services for families with multiple problems are working, what public services families use, and what benefits they receive, Strengthening Families would like to use your personal information to gather information held by other government agencies.  This information will only be used for research and will be anonymised so the researchers will not know whose data they have.

Your personal information (name, date of birth, gender, last-known address) and some information provided by the local authority will be linked to information held by other government departments:

  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – to see what benefits you have received and whether you have been employed
  • Ministry of Justice (MOJ) – to see what contact you may have had with the criminal justice system
  • Department for Education (DfE) – to see when your child has been in school, how well they are doing at each Key Stage and whether they are a Child in Need

MoJ, DWP and DfE will not keep your name on file for longer than a month and will not keep records showing you were part of this research

All information collected about you will be kept strictly confidential.

You have various rights around the data we hold about you. These are outlined in the Milton Keynes Council Corporate Privacy Notice.

For general enquiries regarding Supporting Families, please contact:

Any requests or complaints about your data should be submitted to the Data Protection Officer:

Supporting Families Team

Supporting Families Team contact information

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