Milton Keynes Youth Mayor

Youth Mayor and Mayor

Newly elected Youth Mayor of Milton Keynes (Pictured left)

The Milton Keynes Youth Mayor is Maggie Beckett

The Milton Keynes Youth Council elected a new Milton Keynes Youth Mayor Maggie Beckett on the 6 April 2024.  

Youth Mayor's Biography

"Hi, I’m Maggie! and I’m the Youth Mayor of Milton Keynes for the 2024 to 2025 term.  

In 2022, I was elected onto the MK Youth Cabinet (MKYCAB) and was quickly enamoured by the amazing work and opportunities that MKYCAB offered.  Never before had I found myself amongst such a diverse and empowering group of young people, who had both similar and conflicting ideas to my own. Throughout my first year of office my passion and confidence grew massively, and I was elected as Chair towards the end of the year. I had the privilege of chairing the Youth Cabinet as it made its transition to the current Youth Council, and I am immeasurably proud of what we have achieved. I’m looking forward to promoting the important work that our youth councillors do, and amplifying their voices to a wider audience. 

It is my goal to promote accessible and unbiased political education both inside and outside of schools, and to advise different organisations on how they can do the same. I want to remove the barriers that young people face when accessing politics, and break down the disconnect that my generation feels with our political system. There are so many societal issues that affect our young people and in light of this, I believe that by improving political education for our young people we are enabling them to tackle these issues themselves. We need to educate others on how to successfully cater their work to the youth and allow us to take a well-deserved seat at the table." 

Role of the Youth Mayor

The role of the Youth Mayor is to engage and attend social events as a representative and to raise the profile and voice of young people within the city. The Youth Mayor will be a representative on the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee of Milton Keynes Council. They will also chair Advisory Group meetings.

Calendar of Engagements

Below is a list of engagements that the Youth Mayor will be attending.

Date Engagement
21 July 2024 Willen Church Patronal festival
28 July 2024 Girl Pack Craft Fair
27 August 2024 Conniburrow Community Hub opening
19 September 2024 Summer Reading Challenge - Volunteers Thank You Event 2024
8 December 2024 The Salvation Army Carols & Toys Service

If you would like the Youth Mayor to attend an engagement, please complete the booking form.

Note: The Youth Mayor is only available for engagements after 5.30pm (weekdays) and all day on Weekends.