Youth Council Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Youth Council attended a residential in May 2024 to discuss their campaign priorities for their term of office which came from issues identified in their manifesto pledges. The campaigns are:

Youth Crime in Milton Keynes

MKYC wants to address concerns around drugs, gangs and knife crime. The fear that young people have living in Milton Keynes with these issues present. We are in the planning stages of the campaign and are looking at topics around public spaces and what makes those spaces unsafe. Full list of issues below.

  • Drugs and Classification of Use
  • Vaping and Cigarettes
  • Underage Drinking
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Gangs and Countylines
  • Knife Crime

The MKYC – Youth Crime Survey is now available and will be open until 2 October 2023

Wellbeing and Mental Health

MKYC are working towards raising awareness of mental health. We are creating resources for young people to educate them and improve accessibility.

We will be conducting a survey as part of the campaign and presenting it to the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee. List of issues identified so far:

  • Social Issues 
  • Exploring Community Spaces
  • Cost of Living Crisis and its impacts on Individual Mental Health

The MKYC - Youth Mental Health Survey is now available and will be open until 2 October 2023

The MKYC has produced a video introducing the surveys and is available to view online.

Previous Campaigns

Mental Health 2021-2022

In light of the pandemic, and the massive impact on young people's mental health, representatives were focussing on this campaign, hoping to build on the work of the 2017-2019 action group. The group was working in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council to deliver mental health first aid workshops as part of the 'Summer of Play'.

Homelessness Campaign 2021-22

Their project for 2021-22 was to raise awareness about homelessness in Milton Keynes by making social media posts and a mural to make people aware of the troubles of homelessness.

Leading up to this representatives met with 5 organisations including: The YMCAMK Bus ShelterMK Food BankMK Hygiene BankDe Paul who support those in need.  Instagram posts  were made about some homelessness myths. Representatives worked with an artist/designer (Kremena) to create a mural about homelessness and some numbers for people to call if they need to. This was in order to raise awareness on this issue.