Additional housing to arrive in MK

Cllr Darlington visiting Fishermead

Cllr Darlington visiting the Fishermead site.

Purpose-designed modular homes to provide additional local housing, and support people most in need are on their way to Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes City Council is working with contractors at Gunnards Avenue and Pencarrow Place in Fishermead to erect 70 homes. Each home has three rooms, including a kitchen plus a toilet / shower facility. Residents will also have access to onsite laundry facilities and support.

Contractors are currently installing the homes on the site along with the necessary infrastructure. The first people are expected to move in from April 2023, and will stay temporarily while the City Council works to find them a more permanent solution.

“We’re in a national housing crisis and have been looking to introduce modular homes for some time so that we have an additional option for our local people in need. It’s taken a while to get to this stage, but progress will be visible very soon. Innovative schemes like these will give people the space they need as we support them to find longer-term accommodation.”
- Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington