MK Council launches mini Eco Warriors

Eco warriors - 2022 school children

Eco Warriors pictured above from Long Meadow School

Milton Keynes Council has extended its popular Eco Warriors scheme to younger children aged 3 to 6 following its success of with pupils aged 7 and above. 

The Eco Warriors scheme was launched in 2019 to encourage more young people to think about how their actions can make a difference in tackling climate change. Around 5,000 school children now participate. 

Schools have access to educational resources containing ideas for activities and environmental challenges, and the council can organise four themed talks for in class talks for pupils in KS2 and KS3. 

  • Let’s Recycle Right – what can be recycled in MK and what happens to it 

  • Plastic Ocean – the impact of plastic pollution and litter, and what plastic can be recycled 

  • Small Actions, Big Impact – how our everyday actions and positive changes impact the environment  

  • Super-Powers – an overview of fossil fuels and renewable energy 

Participating at the start of term, schools promise to make changes to be more eco-friendly and can use an Eco Warrior logo to display on school signs and websites.  

Schools have previously taken green action including: 

  • Installing water butts 

  • Switching to reusable plastics 

  • Reducing waste 

  • Organising school uniform and toy swaps 

All children can take part in this scheme that builds on their interest in nature, wildlife and the environment around them. Through the Eco Warrior scheme, we’re giving children a new way to make an impact in their school and community. Children will learn they can play a part in tackling climate change and making MK a truly green city.
- Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm
We’ve been part of MK Council’s Eco Warrior scheme since the pilot was launched in 2019. The children continue to learn and take part in challenges about local environmental issues. The scheme has given the children lifelong skills about how to makes changes to become more eco-friendly.
- Philip Gray, Head Teacher at Long Meadow School

School bookings now being taken for September 2022 onwards.