MK woman ordered to pay almost £2,000 for abandoning car

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A former Greenleys resident has been ordered to pay over £1,786 in fines and costs for illegally dumping a car on a quiet street in Heelands before moving away.

Council officers first responded to a report about the Vauxhall Astra in June 2021 and found that the car was untaxed and had no MOT. A notice was placed on the car to warn the owner, but an investigation revealed she had moved away and left the car behind.

She was issued with a fixed penalty notice which she failed to pay. The Council pursued the matter to court, but the defendant didn’t turn up to the hearing on 18 February 2022 and was found guilty in her absence.

Cabinet Member for Public Realm, Cllr Lauren Townsend said: “Whether it’s a car or a household item, you can’t just leave things you no longer want on our streets and hope no one will notice. We will take action and prosecute if necessary. 

I’d like to thank council officers for their work on this investigation and to the residents who report these issues, so we can create a cleaner and greener environment for everyone.”