New Council scheme to tackle fly-tipping

Lauren Townsend fly-tipping intervention campaign

New Council scheme to tackle fly-tipping  

Milton Keynes Council is rolling out an innovative new pilot scheme to tackle illegal fly-tipping in MK’s hot spots. 

Keeping MK clean costs on average £3m* every year, which is money that could be better spent on other services for residents, and the Council has prioritised work to crack down on fly-tippers. Last year, it announced fly-tipping had dropped by as much as a fifth following the introduction of CCTV cameras in hot spots, and it’s now trialling a Keep Britain Tidy initiative that’s seen good results in other areas. 

Rubbish dumped in hot spots will be wrapped with eye-catching ‘crime scene investigation’ style tape or marked with chalk paint stencils showing ‘dumping rubbish here wastes money for your community’. The visuals will be left in place for up to 5 days while the team investigates, and is intended to show that dumping rubbish is illegal and has an impact on everyone. At the end of the period, the rubbish will be removed. 

Many people are unaware that dumping waste is a crime which can lead to an on the spot fine of £250 or a court ordered fine of up to £50,000 and a criminal record. Really serious offences can even mean a prison sentence. Over the last year, Milton Keynes Council has issued 100 Fixed Penalty Notices for fly-tipping or related offences.  

Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, Cllr Lauren Townsend said, “Fly-tipping is illegal, and offenders can receive an on the spot fine of £250. As well as being on the case for catching fly-tippers and cleaning up their mess, we’re highlighting that dumping rubbish is unacceptable. We know this approach has worked elsewhere, helping to flag up the seriousness of the crime and changing behaviour as a result.” 

The pilot will run over the summer before being reviewed. 

*This figure includes staff costs, vehicle running costs and equipment (but does not include the cost of disposal) for litter picking, street cleansing, fly-tipping, and leaf clearance in MK.