Seeking MK’s views on climate change and resilience

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Milton Keynes City Council is asking more local people to share their views on which parts of the city are most vulnerable to climate change and what should be done to manage its impact, in order to shape the city’s future environment.

In 2019 Milton Keynes City Council agreed a climate emergency and is making strong progress on reducing its own emissions alongside ensuring city development is carefully considered and sustainable, such as requiring resilient designs that use zero carbon building materials and that make it easier for residents to keep warm and use less water.

It's now asking more local people to share their thoughts and experiences dealing with the impact of climate change as it prepares its New City Plan. An online survey is currently live until 28 November.

The New City Plan will set out a range of development and environmental policies needed to deliver on the city council’s bold and ambitious ‘Strategy for 2050’, in order to create new jobs, affordable housing, and sustainable growth.

“The impact of climate change is already starting to be felt locally; we know for instance that more extreme weather brings greater risk of flooding. We’re asking residents to share their experiences and local knowledge so we can make sure we’re managing these impacts through careful planning, as well as playing our part in tackling climate change. Working together is the best way to ensure an even greener future for our city for generations to come.”
- Cabinet Member for Climate Action and Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Wilson-Marklew

The city council’s carbon and climate survey runs until 28 November. Click to take part.