Tell us about your neighbourhood, asks city council

Cyclist on Warbler Bridge

Milton Keynes City Council is asking local people to share their thoughts and experiences of how they use their local neighbourhood to help shape its New City Plan.

The New City Plan is an important planning document which will describe the environment needed to deliver the city council’s ‘Strategy for 2050’. The Strategy, which was finalised two years ago following extensive public consultation, sets out a bold and ambitious vision for Milton Keynes including equal opportunities, new jobs, affordable and ‘lifelong’ homes that suit people at all stages of their life, and a pioneering mass rapid transit system. 

To help develop the New City Plan, Milton Keynes City Council will be holding a series of specialist workshops and groups over the next year, as well as running surveys around specific themes. This week, the city council has published a survey asking people about how they use their local neighbourhood, such as whether they find it easy to shop, take children to school, and enjoy green space; what changes would improve their mental and physical health; and what would make them more likely to use local facilities. It runs until 23 February next year.  Click to take part.

It’s also asking for feedback on an early draft of what’s called a ‘design code’ for Milton Keynes. Design codes are used by planners to set standards for how communities should be designed, thinking about what makes a place attractive, distinctive, and high quality. This consultation closes on 19 January next year. Click to take part.

A previous survey asking for views on how Milton Keynes may be impacted by climate change, and how the city council could address this, closes shortly on 28 November. Click to take part.

“Our ambitious Strategy for 2050 is a vision for high-quality sustainable growth, genuinely affordable housing, and new job opportunities for the next generation. Creating a New City Plan is an important step in making these ambitions a reality. We’re asking local people to share their thoughts and experiences to make sure the plan is grounded in what people love or would like to change about Milton Keynes, so we can work with experts to best determine what will be needed by tomorrow’s residents, businesses, and visitors.”
- Leader of Milton Keynes City Council, Cllr Pete Marland