Paying Bills and Invoices

There are two 24 hour services and many other payment services available.

For all payments except Business Rates, the Council accepts both debit and credit card payment. (American Express and Diners Card are NOT accepted)

Other payment methods

Direct Debit

Direct debit is the simplest way to pay. It is also cheaper for the Council to administer, which benefits everyone in our community.

Direct Debit does not give the Council unlimited access to your bank account and you are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Automated telephone payments - (0300 131 5555)

Provided you have a keypad telephone, you can make payments by telephoning 01908 253940. Please have your payment details and appropriate reference number to hand and follow the simple instructions.

This service will inform you of an Authorisation number for the card payment provided the card is accepted. Please keep a note of it.

Internet banking from your bank’s website

Please transfer payment to:

Sort Code: 60 14 55

Bank Account No: 37171542

Enter the bill reference number in the transaction reference field to ensure that the payment is credited to your account.

Phone in office hours

Call the Housing Service on 01908 252937


Banks will accept payment but may make a charge for this service. Complete a payment slip and present it with your payment.

Post Office

Using a Giro Credit slip or your Rent card for Housing.

A fee of £0.25 per payment is payable for Council Tax payments


Please send your Giro Credit slip and write the bill reference on the back of the cheque.

PayPoint Outlet (located in most newsagents, supermarkets and garages).

Using your rent payment swipe card. Paypoint locator