Inspection of work

The building control systems exist to ensure buildings are properly designed and constructed, safeguarding the health, safety, welfare and convenience of everyone.


For all types of work, you should give us official notice of commencement at least two days before you start 

Building control application

Please check you have submitted a valid building control application before commencing work on site. If you are not sure, please contact our admin team to confirm.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) site inspection App

You can now book your inspection by using the free LABC Site Inspection App. For further information about the app and how to get it visit LABC 

Inspection Stages

For new constructions (such as extensions), you must inform us when you reach the following stages so we can inspect work before it is covered up

  • Excavation for foundations
  • Ground floor oversite
  • Damp proof course
  • Drains laid, before backfilling
  • Drains backfilled and on test
  • Insulation

Other projects

There may be other stages of work that we need to inspect, particularly for other types of project, e.g. floor, roof and steel works. The building control surveyor will be happy to discuss these with you at the start of the project.

Completion inspection

You should contact MK Building Control within five days of completing your work (or before occupation) for a final inspection. Following a satisfactory inspection, a Completion Certificate will be issued.

Completion Certificates are valuable documentary evidence, showing that the work satisfied the Building Regulations at the time of inspection. A Completion Certificate may be required when selling a property or raising finance, so keep it safe.

Building Control

Building Control contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ