MK New Town Heritage Register

Milton Keynes' Modern Heritage

Milton Keynes is the last, largest and most ambitious of all the settlements to be created under the 1946 New Towns Act. The combination of its scale, distinctive grid layout and architectural, landscape driven design will never be seen again in this country. The first twenty-five years of its life reflects not only the changing fashions of post war and late twentieth century architecture, planning and art, but it tells the story of the changing economic, political and social circumstances of the UK through the period. 

The adopted Statement of Significance document provides an overview of the wider heritage significance of Milton Keynes, providing context for the New Town Heritage Register (NTHR), a 'local list'.

Your Views

Over 240 new town era places have been nominated by the public as having local heritage significance in a previous consultation.

We have recently held an eight week period of engagement between November and January for views to be submitted, during which we received numerous responses. Whilst there is no legal requirement to consult on local lists, we want to ensure that we encourage positive engagement.

In order to achieve this we then extended our direct communications by writing to more owners of commercial and community properties, giving them an additional eight weeks to provide their views. This consultation has now closed.

Any consultation posters that you see can now be removed and disposed of responsibly.

Selection Panel 

The nominations are being considered in two phases. The locations of the first phase of 160 assets can be viewed here, arranged alphabetically by grid square. The second phase will follow on after the MKCC decision on the first.

The selection panel is currently considering the first phase of nominations across a series of meetings. The panel is made up of local and national experts and stakeholders. It makes recommendations which will inform a decision by MKCC, anticipated to be in early 2024.

The panel will consider the nominations against the adopted selection criteria. The criteria require that nominations must meet fulfil all of the following in order to be considered:

  • A building, structure or landscape (or combination)
  • Completed 1967-92 (MKDC era)
  • Within the new town boundary (the 'designated area')
  • Sufficiently intact.

They must also fulfil three of the following criteria to be added to the NTHR:

  • Design quality
  • Group and townscape quality
  • Innovation and influence
  • Significant architect or designer
  • Rarity
  • Communal value

The adopted selection criteria document sets out information on these criteria in greater detail.

Local Lists

The NTHR is a 'local list', a way of identifying places that are locally significant but that do not meet the high bar for national designation (such as 'listed buildings'). Some local authorities have had local lists in place for over 30 years whilst others, such as Milton Keynes, are now bringing them forward as part over a wider national programme.

Places added to the NTHR will be 'non-designated heritage assets'. What requires planning permission remains the same for assets added to the NTHR, unlike listed buildings which gain additional statutory and planning controls. When planning permission is required, a heritage statement must be submitted and the significance of the asset is a material consideration alongside all other planning considerations.

Read our handy NTHR FAQ's document  

National Heritage Register

Whilst the bar for national designation is very high for post war places, the Government's advisor on heritage, Historic England, has previously designated the following, all grade II:

  • Shopping Building (Midsummer Boulevard, CMK)
  • Central Library (Silbury Boulevard, CMK)
  • Former bus station (Elder Gate, CMK)
  • Houses at Cofferidge Close, (Silver Street, Stony Stratford)
  • Octo, sculpture (Silbury Boulevard/ Saxon Gate, CMK)
  • 2MS Series No.1 sculpture, (Bletchley)
  • Campbell Park, registered park and garden (CMK)

Find out more on the National Heritage Register website.

Planning enquiries contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ