MK New Town Heritage Register

Milton Keynes is the last, largest and most ambitious of all the settlements to be created under the 1946 New Towns Act. The combination of its scale, distinctive grid layout and architectural and landscape driven design will never be seen again in this country.

National Heritage Register

Its unique character contributes to its local, national and international significance, with many assets having been awarded grade II listing by the Government and its advisors, Historic England, including:

  • the shopping building
  • central library
  • former bus station (Elder Gate)
  • houses at Cofferidge close, Silver street Stony Stratford, Octo
  • the Octo stainless steel sculpture (CMK)
  • 2MS Series No.1 sculpture (Bletchley).

Find out more on the National Heritage Register website.

MK New Town Heritage Register

The bar for the national designation (listing) of post war assets is set very high, the majority of new the buildings, spaces, artworks, landscapes will not qualify. The MK New Town Heritage Register aims to identify all assets that contribute to the distinctive identity of Milton Keynes, identifying them as having local interest and as 'non-designated heritage assets'. We hope bringing these assets together will:

  • provide an overall picture of those assets that contribute to the important story and unique identity of MK
  • properly inform planning decisions that may affect them
  • positively promote town heritage, and the investment and growth of other cultural projects
  • allow residents and workers in MK to celebrate and enjoy those assets

Stages of the New Town Heritage Register

MKC commissioned Alan Baxter Ltd to set out a Statement of Significance of the new town and to and draw up Selection Criteria in conjunction with officers. These documents have been adopted by MKC.

Public nominations to the Register took place in early 2018 and are now undergoing a technical sift.

A selected panel of experts and local stakeholders will make recommendations to Milton Keynes Council for final approval.

The Conservation and Archaeology Team have put together some examples of assets that might be considered to meet the selection criteria (these are not yet on the register).

Planning Enquiries

Planning Enquiries contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ