FTTP in flats and apartments

Superfast broadband

Unfortunately some residents of flats, apartments and maisonettes in parts of Milton Keynes may have difficulty connecting to superfast broadband.  Only areas where the local superfast broadband network is based on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology are affected and these are mainly in Broughton, Loughton, Kent’s Hill, Middleton, Monkston, Walnut Tree, Walton Park and Wavendon Gate.

Vodafone broadband

Over the next three years Vodafone broadband will be available to a range of flats and apartments in the City areas of Milton Keynes over the CityFibre full-fibre FTTP network.

If you live in a flat, apartment or maisonettes in any of these areas it may be necessary for BT/Openreach or CityFibre to gain agreement from the freeholder of your apartment block to install additional equipment inside the building before it’s possible to order superfast broadband.

If you think this affects you please check the service available to your address by entering your full address on the BT Checker. Alternatively it is possible to register your interest in a service from Vodafone.


Openreach has now developed a new process to allow landlords to ask their flats and apartment blocks to their networks.  More information is available here

Planning enquiries contact information

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