Exacom – Live S106 Monitoring Information

The PFM provides live, up-to-date information on the monitoring of all S106 agreements as it is carried out by the Planning Obligations Team.

This includes information on receipt, allocation and spend of development contributions and provides details of what funds are currently available and what each financial contribution can legally be spent on.

The Milton Keynes City Council PFM can be accessed at this link.

The PFM includes both a S106 financial and S106 non-financial obligations database and a planning application look up function, all of which can be accessed via the tabs on the menu bar at the top of the PFM homepage.

It should be noted that the Exacom system does not change the process for applying for the use of S106 funds, nor the Council’s approach to assessing requests, both outlined here.

The information that can be accessed via the PFM should be used in reviewing available funds and understanding what they can be legally spent on, to inform any funding requests. Initial enquiries for requests relating to the use of S106 funds should still be sent to: planning.obligations@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

As part of the launch of the Exacom system, a financial reconciliation has been carried out on each S106 agreement for which there are available funds – there remains several S106 agreements in which this reconciliation work is still being completed and, as such, if you are interested in utilising funds from these agreements, it is recommended that you contact the Planning Obligations Team to discuss. The agreements for which reconciliation work is still ongoing are as follows:

  • 96/00041/MK - Land at Wavendon Tower, Ortensia Drive, Wavendon Gate,
  • 04/00586/OUT - Land Within The Campbell Park Grid Square, Off Silbury Boulevard Avebury Boulevard And Overgate,
  • 05/01429/OUT - Stantonbury Park - Land North of, Wolverton Road, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes,
  • 12/00700/FUL - St Martins Hall, Queensway, Bletchley.

There are several older S106 agreements which contain overarching contributions under the title “Social Infrastructure Contribution”. These specific contributions are broken down into sub-contributions however, due to the wording of the S106 agreement, the Exacom system retains these as an overarching contribution. Therefore, for these agreements, we have published below, a spreadsheet for each which provides a breakdown of the sub-contributions within the Social Infrastructure Contribution and the amount of funding that remains available. These spreadsheets will continue to be updated until all funds are spent.

If there are any issues with accessing the PFM or with how to use the system, we please ask that any questions are directed to Exacomlaunch.enquiries@milton-keynes.gov.uk; all other enquiries should still be sent to the Planning Obligations Team using the contact details at the bottom of this page.