Land Charges Fees

Any LLC1 requests will need to be sent to Land Registry. 

As a local authority, we provide support for the CON29O or CON29R questions.

We are responsible for maintaining the local land charges register and checking source data on local planning, building control and environmental health issues.

When buying property or land, your solicitor will contact us to enquire about any restrictions on the land.

What search do you need?

Local Authority Search

This includes two key searches:

Local Land Charge Register Search LLC1 please contact Land Registry 

CON29 – Information including highways, new roads/railways, planning decisions, contaminated land, statutory notices, breaches of planning/building regulations and compulsory purchase orders.

Optional searches

CON29O – Notices concerning land maintenance, environment and pollution, application on roads by private bodies and completion notices. All questions relating to the CON29O are available for an additional fee. 

Personal searches

Personal searches are no longer accepted, please access the Land Registry website. 

What about Fees?

Please note our new fees from 1 April 2023 as below:


Land Charges Fees from 1 April 2023

Inclusive of VAT

CON29R - Residential 




CON29O Enquiries

Supplementary Questions 



Additional Parcels


Copy Agreements

£34.88 / £53.41 / £67.58 

Upon receipt of a valid search request and payment, it will take up to 10 working days to process.