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Use our glossary of planning terms (PDF, 232KB) and find out the stages of your application.

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Use our planning application checklists to understand which form(s) you require and what information is needed.

The Council adopted its Planning Application Validation Requirements (PAVR) on 13th March 2023. The PAVR is set out by application type, summarising the relevant national criteria and specifying the locally required information. The PAVR sets out the thresholds for when each item will or is likely to be requested, and the glossary explains the standards and content expected for plans and information requested. 

You can download the PAVR:

Planning Application Validation Requirements

Planning Application Validation Requirements - Annex E (Housing Accommodation Schedule)

If you would like advice regarding which documents from the PAVR are necessary for your planning application, then you should seek pre-application advice.


View the scale of application fees or use the planning portal fee calculator.

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