Do I need Planning Permission?

Do I Need Planning Permission?

The planning portal provides you with an interactive house to help understand if you need planning permission.

Permitted Development

Some development, known as permitted development, does not require permission. You can find out more information on the following links:

Unfortunately, we are unable to advise on if your work will be considered permitted development.

If your development is permitted development, you will need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate on the Planning Portal.

Are There Planning Constraints?

Use the map at the bottom of this page to see if there are any planning constraints on your property, such as conservation restrictions or protected trees.

Where Can I Get Planning Advice?

We offer a pre-application advice service for planning permission applications, where a planning officer will provide their opinion and guidance on the likely outcome of your application.

What Do I Need to Do?

Information on how to make a planning application online can be found here or head straight to our forms, checklists and fees page.

Planning Constraints Map

Click on the map to see common planning constraints that may affect your development.

Last Updated: 15 August 2019