Eastern Expansion Area Development Framework SPD

Eastern Expansion Area Development Framework SPD

The adopted Milton Keynes Local Plan (December 2005) proposes a large area of land for the eastward expansion of the City. The allocation in the Plan proposes residential, employment, leisure, and community facilities development, as well as 'Strategic Reserve' areas and key new and improved infrastructure.

Policy EA1 Plan requires a comprehensive 'master plan' for the area to be approved by the Council before planning permission for any development is granted. A Development Framework which is effectively that proposed master plan, has now been adopted by the Council as a document to be used when considering planning applications for the site.

The Development Framework sets out a broad development scenario for the Eastern Expansion Area. In general terms it shows how 4,000 dwellings, 100 hectares of employment, and the necessary accompanying open space and community facilities can be accommodated, in line with the Local Plan and the recommendations of the Local Plan Inquiry Inspector.

The Development Framework can be viewed below. Hard copies are also available to view at the Civic Offices and CMK Library.

EEA Chapters 1-2- Introduction and Site & Context 

EEA Chapter 3- Development Framework 

EEA Chapter 4- Character Areas 

Chapters 5-7- Design Principles, Phasing and Implementation, Funding & Delivery 

EEA Appendices 

What happens next?

The Development Framework will be used by Milton Keynes Council when it considers planning applications for the development of the Eastern Expansion Area.