Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan

June 2016

The Neighbourhood Plan was made part of the Development Plan by Milton Keynes Council on 8th June 2016. The decision statement relating to this is available to view (PDF, 185KB).

This follows the referendum held on 5th May 2016, the results of which were 3335 votes for 'Yes' and 602 votes for 'No'. The formal declaration of results is also available for viewing (PDF, 10KB)

The plan and other specified documents that were subject to referendum are available to download on this webpage as follows:


February 2016 update - Examiner's Report

The Council has now received the examiner's report (PDF, 217KB), which concludes the plan can proceed to referendum subject to certain modifications that are outlined in the report. These changes will now be implemented before the report is formally accepted by the Council and arrangements duly made for a referendum. Further details on this process will appear here in due course.

Post-hearing update

Following the public hearing held on 28th January 2016, the examiner has requested the following materials be made available for his consideration and on this website.

Newport Pagnell Town Council latest position in respect of Tickford Fields policy wording (PDF, 94KB)

Newport Pagnell Town Council latest position in respect of Aston Martin/Tesco policy wording (PDF, 48KB)

Local Plan proposals map showing settlement boundary and strategic reserve (NB. Fig. 2 in Appendix 5 of the submitted Neighbourhood Plan is erroneous. There is no 'post-2026' strategic reserve. The 'post-2011' reserve referred to is the area marked 'SR5' on the Local Plan proposals map).


Mr John Parmiter has been appointed as independent examiner for the Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan. He has indicated that he intends to hold a public hearing to assist with this. This hearing will commence at 13:00 on 28th January 2016 at Green Park Community Centre in Newport Pagnell. The hearing is held at the examiner's discretion; the agenda and list of invited participants (PDF, 94KB) has been circulated.

The responses made during the publicity period have been shared with the examiner and are now available below along with the submission documents. Newport Pagnell Town Council have also issued some points of clarification in respect of the publicity responses, these too have been shared with the examiner and are available below.

Responses to the publicity period and Newport Pagnell Town Council's response to these are available to download as follows:

Table of publicity period responses (PDF, 987KB)

Newport Pagnell Town Council response to publicity comments (PDF, 505KB)

The Plan, its appendices, and supporting documents are all available to download as follows:

The submitted Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan:

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan (July 2015 submission) (PDF, 2.6MB)


Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 1 - Collective site assessment (PDF, 240KB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 2 - The process of undertaking the Neighbourhood Plan (PD, 308KB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 3 - Medical GP Provision (PDF, 178KB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 4 - School Figures (PDF, 288KB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 5 - Tickford Fields Estate Development Brief (PDF, 2.3MB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 6 - Sustainable Transport Plan (PDF, 674KB)

Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 7 - Evidence Base (PDF, 85KB)

Supporting Documents:

Basic Conditions Statement - Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 1.1MB)

Consultation Statement - Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 418KB)

Sustainability Appraisal - Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 410KB)

SEA Screening

The Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan has been screened twice to see whether Strategic Environmental Assessment is required. The result of both screening opinions was that SEA is not needed. A copy of the second screening statement (PDF, 965KB), issued after the likely level of development in the plan increased, is available to view.

Neighbourhood Area

Following a Delegated Decision on the 22 October 2013, the area put forward by Newport Pagnell Town Council in their Neighbourhood Plan Area Application has now been approved as a Neighbourhood Plan Area.

To comply with regulation 7 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Milton Keynes Council is publicising the following details:

Submission and Consultation

In July 2013, Newport Pagnell Town Council applied to Milton Keynes Council, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, to designate a Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The application and a statement explaining why and how Newport Pagnell Town Council intends to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, and how the organisation and area meet the conditions of Section 61G(2) and 61F(5) of the Town And Country Planning Act, 1990 can be viewed at:

In accordance with Regulation 6 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Milton Keynes Council consulted residents and other interested stakeholders on this application. The Consultation ran for a 6 week period from Wednesday 31 July 2013 to Wednesday 25 September 2013. A copy of the consultation statement can be viewed at the link below.

This was not a consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan itself, but merely the identification of the area for which the parish or town council wished to prepare a neighbourhood development plan.

Following the close of the 6 week consultation period, Milton Keynes Council considered all the comments received and prepared a report and recommendation to take to the Delegated Decision on the 22 October 2013.

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