Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan

Current Position, December 2018

Following the publicity period on the submitted Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan, Milton Keynes Council has appointed Rosemary Kidd to conduct an examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The examiner’s main role is to ensure that the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and is able to proceed to referendum.

Should the examiner consider that a hearing is required as part of the examination then further information and arrangements for that will appear on this web page.

The examiner has raised a number of questions on the Plan which can be seen here (PDF, 128KB).

The Ravenstone Parish Council response to comments received during publicity period can be seen here (PDF, 156KB).

Comments received during publicity period

Historic England (PDF, 215KB)

Natural England (PDF, 22KB)

Savills for Society of Merchant Venturers (PDF, 1.9MB)

Rural Solutions for Mr & Mrs Pacifici / Abbeymill Homes (PDF, 84KB)

Mr Dawes (PDF, 173KB)

South Northmaptonshire & Cherwell Council (PDF, 170KB)

Canal and Rivers Trust (PDF, 169KB)

National Grid (PDF, 112KB)

Submitted Neighbourhood Plan documents:

Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan, submission version (PDF, 3.1MB)

Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan, Basic Conditions Statement (PDF, 5.9MB)

Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan, Consultation Statement (PDF, 6.5MB)

Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan, Consultation Statement Annex 9 (PDF, 2.8MB)

Previous Stages

Previous stages of the Ravenstone Neighbourhood Plan can be seen here.

Last Updated: 30 January 2019