Milton Keynes Council (MKC) commissioned consultants to prepare a Whole Plan Viability Study to support the preparation of Plan:MK. This study is a key part of the evidence base supporting the plan making process, ensuring that a strategy for growth which is deliverable over the plan period is pursued. The study builds on other viability studies and work undertaken by MKC to support other documents being prepared by MKC, in particular a new Planning Obligations SPD.

In August 2017, a Developers Forum and short consultation were undertaken to review an initial draft study and get feedback from the development industry on the study’s assumptions and methodology for appraising the viability of development to support a plan making process.

Following the consultation exercise, a draft report was produced for MKC in September for internal review and to inform the final stages of preparing the Proposed Submission Plan:MK October 2017. The finalised version of the study was subsequently published in early November, and is available below.

Whole Plan Viability Study November 2017 (PDF, 9.6MB)

If necessary, following the Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Plan:MK October 2017 consultation, the study will be reviewed to take account of any representations made on matters of viability that require the study to be updated prior to the submission of Plan:MK to the Planning Inspectorate.

It is important to note that this study is a high-level evaluation of the general viability of development across the borough, with the purpose of informing plan-making across a wider area. Its conclusions should not be directly applied or equated to site-specific proposals. Where the viability of specific development proposals is contested, a site-specific viability assessment would ordinarily be required.

Last Updated: 30 November 2017