Early Career Teachers

After qualifying to become a teacher, you will be known as an Early Career Teacher (this used to be called a NQT) and have to complete a two-year induction period.

What is the Appropriate Body?

ECTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body (AB) before their induction can begin. The induction process will be quality assured by that AB.

An AB has two key roles: 

  • monitoring of support
  • monitoring of ECT assessment over the two year induction period

An AB makes the final decision about whether an ECT has met the Teachers' Standards, based on the headteacher's recommendation.

Milton Keynes Appropriate Body Partnership (MKAB)

Milton Keynes Council, as the local authority, is the statutory provider for the AB service and has responsibility for regulatory duties and powers including overseeing the induction process and decisions on passing induction.  The council works with partners as MKAB to provide local knowledge and professional support for schools, induction tutors and ECTs - including training development. 

Schools are able to choose their own AB service provider.  

More information on the MKAB Partnership for ECT induction can be found in the ECT Handbook. Visit the Milton Keynes Professional Development Centre for more information about what we do.  

For schools subscribed to our AB service, there will be regular updates on ECT Manager.  For personalised support from the AB, please contact us. Please also refer to the following DfE guidance:

There is also guidance for teaching in England and how to apply for QTS as an overseas trained teacher - this includes teachers who have trained in Scotland or Wales. 

How to register with the AB

ECTs will need to be registered on ECT Manager before purchasing the package via MKPDC.  

Please note that you will need to register with the AB and with your chosen ECF Provider. 

MKAB will charge £199 for AB services.  There are additional charges if a school has chosen the Core Induction programme of School Based programme - this is to reflect the fidelity checking requirements.  

Please contact the ECT administrator for further advice.  

As a teacher, you will also have access to the Teaching Regulation Authority's Teacher Self-Service Portal which enables you to:

  • view your teacher record
  • obtain electronic copies of your QTS and induction certificates
  • obtain electronic copies of relevant leadership qualification certificates
  • update your personal details
  • download a letter confirming your teacher qualifications
  • input your employment details

Teaching jobs in Milton Keynes

Schools in Milton Keynes recruit their own NQTs.  Search for vacancies in schools.