How the programme works and making a referral

How the programme works

There are several stages to the Milton Keynes Supporting Families process, which are the responsibility of the Key Worker:

  • Refer a family
  • Delivering the agreed plan - The Team Around The Family
  • Case Closure

The Supporting Families team have responsibility for:

  • Checking eligibility - Supporting Families Responsibility
  • Monitoring the agreed objectives of the Plan
  • Payment By Results Claim

How do I make a referral?

The referral form reflects the eligibility criteria. This enables the nominating professional (key worker) to think through how a family might be eligible and provide some initial information.  To be eligible for the Supporting Families programme, each family must include dependent children and/or expectant parents. 

Referrals are made by completing the referral form. Once this has been completed the form should be sent to:

The next stage of the referral process is that once the family plan between family and keyworker has been agreed we will ask the keyworker for a copy.  

If in doubt, submit a referral form and the Supporting Families Team will provide support and advice to confirm eligibility.