Waste and recycling collection consultation questions

Annex A - waste and recycling collection consultation questions 


Milton Keynes aspires to be one of the greenest cities. To achieve this aim, we need to increase recycling levels and improve the quality of recycling we collect. We are consulting with residents and other stakeholders on the waste collection system from 2023, with a focus on ensuring that we have the right approach for Milton Keynes to improve waste collection.   


This consultation provides the opportunity for residents and stakeholders to share views on the proposed waste collection service to be implemented from April 2023. Its purpose is to inform how we intend to deliver the waste collection service and increase recycling rates. MKC is committed to a weekly collection service for waste that cannot be recycled. It continues to be one of the top recyclers in the UK. 

Our ambition to become a greener city and improve waste collection services means there is a need to review how waste is collected. Currently about 20% of the recycling we receive contains the wrong items. We will focus on improving the waste collection system, keeping our streets cleaner by reducing the amount of rubbish spillage from sacks, increasing recycling rates with residents by making it easier to separate out recycling materials and reducing the number of injuries residents and staff experience by moving waste in sacks. 

Our four priorities are: 

  1. Cleaner streets by reducing sack spillage 

  1. Greener by increasing recycling 

  1. Safer by reducing injuries to residents, staff and wildlife from sacks  

  1. Quality by improving recycling through separation 

Evidence shows that using wheeled bins leads to cleaner streets. Current arrangements mean that sacks left on the street can burst or be ripped open by animals.  


1. Property type - Which property type do you live in?  

House detached 

House semi-detached 

House - terraced 

Flat – with communal bins 

Flat - other 

Other – please state 


2. Postcode 

3. How many people live in your household?   

 1 -2 

3 - 4 

5 - 6 

6 - 7 

7 -8 

More – please state 

Waste disposal 

Milton Keynes has a long history of processing waste within its own boundaries at Council owned facilities.  We have a materials recycling facility and a waste recovery park. This means we can reduce our carbon footprint because there is less travel. It is more environmentally sustainable to treat waste locally and we can decide how to process waste. 

4. Is it important to you that Milton Keynes manages its waste locally where possible and continues to invest in our own facilities?  Yes/No 

Milton Keynes Council is required to provide a household waste recycling centre (“Tip”) for residents to dispose of their household waste. There are currently three sites across Milton Keynes; New Bradwell, Bleak Hall and Newport Pagnell, but with the city continuing to grow it is likely that extra capacity will be needed soon. We recognise that some of our sites are quite small. We can improve this by replacing an existing site with a new one. 

5. Would you support construction of a new purpose-built facility with additional benefits (such as increased recycling and a re-use shop) in the south of the borough? Yes/No/Don’t know  

Booking system - Household Waste Recycling Centre 

MK has recently introduced a booking system for household waste recycling centres, which has prioritised use for local people. This has brought about savings and reduced out of borough use. It has also led to a positive increase of trade use of the recycling centres for trade use within MK. 

Councils can charge for non-household waste items such as rubble and construction waste. 

6. Do you think households should be charged for construction waste from their home? Yes/No? 


Milton Keynes aspires to be one of the greenest cities. To achieve this aim, we need to increase recycling. Currently, the wrong items going into recycling costs the Council over £1.3 million per year. The Council has a high level of waste that is not recycled for each household, compared with other areas in England.   The recycling rate for Milton Keynes is 59%. Working with you, it is a priority for the council to improve the quality of recycling. 

Refuse can result in waste spillage on the street and can lead to injuries to residents, staff and wildlife. 

7. Do you think that a container such as a wheeled bin would be helpful to store waste and recycling?                               

Yes/No/Don’t know 

Research has shown that an increased number of bins helps to improve the quality and level of recycling. A survey undertaken by Keep Britain Tidy has shown that most properties are suitable to receive wheeled bins as follows: 

  • a wheeled grey bin collected weekly for waste that cannot be recycled 

  • a wheeled bin with red lid for paper and card 

  • a wheeled bin with blue lid for plastic, metals and glass 

  • a green wheeled bin for food and garden waste 

Paper is particularly prone to contamination from glass (especially when it shatters) and oily and greasy food containers.  Improving the quality of recycling leads to an increase of the amount of material that can be recycled well. 

  1. Would you accept more bins to improve quality and increase recycling? 


9. If your property is not suitable for bins at all, please tick which option you would prefer:

  1. Boxes 

  1. Sacks 

10. If you believe that your property is suitable for fewer than the proposed three new bins and the green food and garden waste bin, which collection would you like to have in a wheeled bin? 

  • A wheeled bin collected weekly for waste that cannot be recycled – Yes/No 

  • A wheeled bin for paper and card       - Yes/No 

  • A wheeled bin for plastic, metals and glass – Yes/No 

  • A food and garden waste wheeled bin – Yes/No

11. How important is recycling to you? –  where 1 is very unimportant and 5 is very important 

12. Should the council consider action for those households that persistently refuse to recycle?   

  • Fine – Yes/No/Don’t know 

  • Don’t collect – Yes/No/Don’t know 

  • Education/communication - Yes/No/Don’t know 

  • No penalty. Collect all - Yes/No/Don’t know 

13. What would encourage you to recycle more? Please tick all that apply 


More frequent recycling collections 

Wider range of materials accepted for recycling. Please specify 

Separate food and garden waste collection 

Other -please state  


15. Being kept informed about changes to your waste collection service – How do you find out about our waste and recycling services? Please tick all that apply 

Council website 




WhatsApp group 

Media releases 

Parish or Town Council 

Local ward councillor 


Notice Board 


Other – Please state 


Getting help with your waste and recycling collection 

We recognise that some residents would require assistance with their waste and recycling collections. If you are elderly, have a physical disability or infirm and there is nobody else in your household who can put your waste or recycling out for collection, you can contact our Customer Services Team on 01908 253334 or email@milton-keynes.gov.uk. To apply for an Assisted Collection, you will be asked to complete an application form and we may ask you for some proof of disability, such as an allowance or pension or your disabled registration number.  


15. Do you think wheeled bins will be easier to use? Yes/No/Don’t know 

16. If you do think wheeled bins might be harder to use, can you please say why. This information will be used to help us help you.