Further information: Complaints about the Conduct of Councillors’

Further information: Complaints about the Conduct of Councillors’

The Standards Committee is made up of a group of people appointed by Milton Keynes City Council to help maintain and promote high ethical standards. Standards Committees are made up of a mixture of Councillors, members of Parish Councils and must take into account the views of an Independent Person (who cannot be Councillors or employees of the Council or authority) when making their decision. 

Link to Standards Committee meetings

Please view the attached link for further information on the Standards Committee.

Independent Persons

The Milton Keynes City Council Procedure requires the involvement of an Independent Person right from the outset of a complaint. 

Milton Keynes Council Standards Committee has a complement of 5 Independent Persons who are available to advise Councillors and Standards Sub-Committees, when complaints are received. 

Please go to the following link for a background on the Independent Persons currently appointed to the Council (PDF, 114KB).

Parish Councillors

The Standards Committee has two co-opted Parish Councillors - Cllr Phil Winsor and Cllr Louise Fisher.

Please go to the following link for more information on the role of the Parish Councillors on the Standards Committee (PDF, 23KB).