Equality Policy

Equality, Diversity and Cohesion

Equality, Diversity and Cohesion are key ingredients in building a diverse, competent workforce, excellent people-centred services and promoting the general well-being of Milton Keynes’ communities and its citizens.

Read the the Milton Keynes City Council Equality Policy here.

Equality, Diversity and Cohesion lies at the very heart of everything we do in employing people, providing services to people and in shaping the place they live and work. This is encapsulated in the Council’s Equality Vision:

‘Improve the way we engage, think, plan and act to deliver equality and inclusion for everyone, every day’.

Our commitment

Our Equality Commitment Milton Keynes Council serves a diverse community, where people from a range of backgrounds and experiences enhance the life and development of the Borough.

The council will:


  • Support engagement in all equality streams
  • Capture service user experience
  • Maintain good communication with staff


  • Equality impact assess all key decisions
  • Monitor and analyse trends in data and information
  • Publish a staff profile annually


  • Ensure services identify their equality challenges
  • Promote equality of opportunity through a Diversity Action Plan
  • Be a ‘disability confident’ employer


  • Alleviate the main causes of inequality in Milton Keynes
  • All residents have easy access to council information and services
  • All staff are adequately equipped to serve a diverse community 

For those looking for resources that can help them understand equality, diversity and cohesion, you might be interested in:

What is equality all about? (PDF, 71KB)