Accessing your Personal Information under Data Protection laws

Under Data Protection regulations you (or someone acting on your behalf) have the right to see most records processed by or on behalf of the Council containing personal information about you. You will be required to provide proof of identity. There are exceptions to this such as mental health records and records involving social care services where additional legislation limits access to personal data exists.

If you provide information in confidence about another individual your personal details will not be disclosed unless the Council obtains your permission. There are exceptions to this such as court orders and protection of the public.

How to see your records

You can apply for access to your records using our online service. You will need to create an account so that we can securely send you your information.

We’ve created a user guide (PDF, 1.7MB) to help you through the process.

The Council will then have one calendar month in which to provide the information as long as you (or the person acting on your behalf) have supplied sufficient details.

For more information on Data Protection regulations visit the Information Commissioner website or email