Council Plan 2022 – 2026

Our updated Council Plan 2022-2026 was approved by Council on 19 June 2024

The Plan sets out how Milton Keynes Council will deliver our Strategy for 2050, which is our long-term vision for our city and the future, seeking to ensure that everyone in Milton Keynes can lead happy, healthy lives.

The plan explains our priorities and key objectives: for Milton Keynes to be a thriving city, a progressive city, and a sustainable city. It also gives details of the outcomes that we want to see by 2026. 

Read the Council Plan 2022-26

An annual delivery plan breaks down what will be done to achieve these goals, with key milestones along the way.

Read the Council delivery plan 2022-26

Measuring our progress

Progress against delivery is reported quarterly to councillors and other stakeholders. You can read our most recent reports below, and read our previous version of the Council Plan 2021 to 2022.