Elections on 2 May 2024

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How to complete your postal vote

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The Postal Vote Statement in your Postal Vote Pack should have read Election of Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley Area. Please complete your postal vote by following the instructions provided,  using the enclosed statement - which remains valid - and return it as soon as possible.  

In some areas of the country, Police and Crime Commissioners also have fire service responsibilities although this is not the case in Thames Valley.

All postal vote ballot papers for the Police and Crime Commissioner, City Wards and contested parishes are correct.

What elections are taking place? 

City Council and Parish Elections 

There are elections for all 19 City Council Wards with one vacancy in each ward.  

Milton Keynes elects a third of its Councillors every year.  Click here to see which seats are up for election in May

A full timetable for the election is provided here. The statutory timetable also includes local dates for delivery of poll cards and postal vote packs.

Parish Elections 

There are also 17 Parish and Town Councils where elections will be taking place if they are contested. A full list of Parishes and Parish Wards up for election is available here.

Parish and Town Councils will only have a poll if the election is contested, i.e., there are more validly nominated candidates than they are vacancies for the particular parish area or parish ward.

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

In England and Wales there will be Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are elected representatives who oversee how crime is tackled in a police force area.

West Berkshire Council is the lead authority, and Nigel Lynn, the  PARO - Police Area Returning Officer - for the Thames Valley police area, which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.

For candidate and agent queries relating to the PCC elections, please email West Berks Council or visit their website here for more information.

Further information about the role is available from the Thames Valley PCC website, or the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

Voting in May - Voter ID  

Last year, the UK Government introduced a requirement for voters to show photo ID when voting at a polling station at some elections. This new requirement will again apply in England at the local elections on Thursday 2 May 2024.  

Please visit our dedicated Voter ID page here to check which forms of ID you can use to vote and what to do if you don’t have an accepted form of photo ID.  

Polling stations will be open from 7am – 10pm. A list of Polling Stations and the Democracy Club Polling Station Finder will appear here closer to the election.   

If you’re worried about going to a polling station, or can’t get to one, you can now apply for a postal vote online or appoint a proxy online to vote on your behalf at your allocated polling station. 

Please bear in mind that postal votes cannot be printed until after candidates are confirmed and ballot papers printed. This means that it is not always possible for postal votes to reach addresses that are not local in time for them to be returned by 2 May, especially for those who have not already set up a postal vote. 

Information for Candidates 

A briefing was held for Parish Clerks and prospective Parish Council Candidates on 27 February. The presentation slides are available here.

A briefings for Election Agents and prospective City Council Candidates was held on 3 March. The presentation slides are available here

A further briefing was held for nominated City Council Candidates and their Election Agents on Thursday 11 April. The presentation slides are available here

A list of Polling Stations is available here.

Election Notices 

City Council Election Notices 

Statement of Persons Nominated for City Elections

Notice of Election Agents for City Elections 

Notice of City Council Election

Election Expense Limits for City Elections

Parish Election Notices 

Statements of Persons Nominated for Parish Elections

Notices of Uncontested Parish Elections

Notices of Parish Council Elections 

Election Expense Limits for Parish Elections

Police and Crime Commissioner Notices

Statement of Persons Nominated for PCC Elections

Notice of Election Agents for PCC Elections

Notice of Election - Thames Valley Police Area


The deadline to register to vote for these elections was midnight on Tuesday 16  April 2024. If you have already registered to vote, you will be sent a poll card from 25 March. If you are unsure if you are registered to vote you can call Milton Keynes Council on 01908 254706 to check. 

Registering to vote is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll need your National Insurance number. Register online

Postal Voting Dates 

The final deadline to apply for a postal vote was Wednesday 17 April (5pm). Electors that have successfully applied before 18 March, will have their postal votes sent to them from Tuesday 16 April. Final postal votes will be sent from Tuesday 23 April.  

Apply for a postal vote 

Please note that we can accept good quality images (photographs or scanned documents) of completed application forms. 

Proxy Voting Dates 

The final deadline to apply to appoint a proxy is Wednesday 24 April (5pm). The person you appoint as a proxy will need to go to your allocated polling station to vote, or apply for a postal vote before 5pm 17 April.  

Apply to vote by proxy online

Please note that we can accept good quality images (photographs or scanned documents) of completed application forms. 

Voter Authority Certificate Dates 

The final deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate is Wednesday 24 April (5pm). 

Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate