UK Parliamentary General Election on 4 July 2024

What elections are taking place?   

There are elections for three parliamentary constituencies in Milton Keynes: 

Buckingham & Bletchley*  

Milton Keynes Central 

Milton Keynes North 

*Buckingham & Bletchley includes Bletchley and Tattenhoe in Milton Keynes alongside part of North Bucks, including Buckingham, Winslow, Great Brickhill and Quainton. Milton Keynes City Council is responsible for administering this constituency with help from Buckinghamshire Council. 

A full timetable for the election is provided here. The statutory timetable also includes local dates for delivery of poll cards and postal vote packs.

Select your constituency to view the candidates running for your area:

Candidates for the Buckingham and Bletchley Constituency

Candidate name Description (if any)
Callum Anderson Labour Party
Ray Brady Independent
Jordan Cattell  Reform UK
Dominic Dyer Liberal Democrats 
- For a fair deal
Amanda Onwuemene Green Party
Iain Stewart The Conservative 
Party Candidate 

View the:

Candidates for the Milton Keynes Central Constituency

Candidate name Description (if any)
Frances Bonney Green Party
James Cox Liberal Democrats 
- For a fair deal
Emily Darlington Labour Party
Johnny Luk The Conservative 
Party Candidate
David Reilly Reform UK
Alfred Saint-Clair Heritage Party -
Freedom. Family. 

View the:

Candidates for the Milton Keynes North Constituency

Candidate name Description (if any)
Chris Curtis Labour Party 
Jane Anne Duckworth Reform UK
Ben Everitt The Conservative 
Party Candidate
Alan Francis Green Party 
Clare Tevlin Liberal Democrats 
- For a fair deal 

View the:

Election Notices 

Statement of Persons Nominated - Buckingham & Bletchley

Statement of Persons Nominated - Milton Keynes Central

Statement of Persons Nominated - Milton Keynes North

Notice of Election Agents

Notices of Election 

Information for candidates  

There was a briefing for prospective candidates and agents on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 6pm in Room 1.02 in Civic Offices (Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ). Slides for the session are available here. 

A further candidates and agents briefing will be on Monday 17 June 2024. 

Important dates 


The deadline to register to vote for these elections is midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024. If you have already registered to vote, you will be sent a poll card in early to mid June. If you are unsure if you are registered to vote you can call Milton Keynes City Council on 01908 254706 to check.  

Registering to vote is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll need your National Insurance number. 

Register online.  

Postal voting dates  

The final deadline to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday 19 June (5pm). Electors that have successfully applied before 30 May, will have their postal votes sent to them in the first issue. Final postal votes will be sent after the final postal vote deadline. 

Apply for a postal vote  

Proxy voting dates  

The final deadline to apply to appoint a proxy is Wednesday 26 June (5pm). The person you appoint as a proxy will need to go to your allocated polling station to vote, or apply for a postal vote before 5pm 19 June.   

Apply to vote by proxy online 

Overseas Electors

Given the short timescales involved in producing and sending postal voting packs for elections, and given that Postal Votes cannot be printed until after candidate nominations close on the 7 June, it is not always possible to guarantee delivery and return from an overseas location in time to be counted. We therefore strongly recommend that overseas electors apply to vote by proxy, nominating someone who is able to attend their Milton Keynes polling station to vote on their behalf. 

Voter ID   

Last year, the UK Government introduced a requirement for voters to show photo ID when voting at a polling station at some elections. This new requirement will again apply at the general election on 4 July. 

Please visit our dedicated Voter ID page here to check which forms of ID you can use to vote and what to do if you don’t have an accepted form of photo ID.   

Polling stations will be open from 7am – 10pm. A list of Polling Stations and the Democracy Club Polling Station Finder will appear here closer to the election.    

If you’re worried about going to a polling station, or can’t get to one, you can now apply for a postal vote online or appoint a proxy online to vote on your behalf at your allocated polling station.  

Please bear in mind that postal votes cannot be printed until after candidates are confirmed and ballot papers printed. This means that it is not always possible for postal votes to reach addresses that are not local in time for them to be returned by 4 July, especially for those who have not already set up a postal vote.  

Voter Authority Certificate Dates  

The final deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate is Wednesday 26 June (5pm).  

Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate