Honorary Aldermen and Alderwomen

Honorary title of Alderman or Alderwoman

The title of Alderman or Alderwoman is an honorary title, and is bestowed periodically by the Council on former councillors in recognition of their eminent service to the Council and community.

The Local Government Act 1972 (Section 242) permits the Council to confer the title of Honorary Alderman on persons who have rendered eminent services to the Council. The Council’s criterion for this title is that former councillors with 15 years service with the Council are eligible for consideration by the Council for the title of Honorary Alderman or Alderwoman to be conferred on them. A resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the Members voting at a specially convened Council Meeting is required to appoint Aldermen or Alderwomen.

Since 2009, the Council has been able to confer the title of Honorary Alderwoman on former female councillors who meet the above criteria.

An Honorary Alderman or Alderwoman has the right to attend civic ceremonies and meetings of the Council, but does not have the right to vote at any such meetings, and Aldermen and Alderwomen do not receive any allowances or payments from the Council.

List of Honorary Aldermen and Alderwomen

The full list of Honorary Aldermen and Alderwomen is shown below:

  • Alderman Paul Bartlett
  • Alderman Ken Beeley
  • Alderman Roger Bristow
  • Alderman Derek Connor
  • Alderman Steve Coventry
  • Alderman Andrew Geary
  • Alderman Euan Henderson
  • Alderwoman Irene Henderson
  • Alderwoman Janet Irons
  • Alderman David Lewis
  • Alderwoman Jan Lloyd
  • Alderman Douglas McCall
  • Alderman Gladstone McKenzie
  • Alderman Norman Miles
  • Alderman Hilary Saunders
  • Alderman Pat Seymour
  • Alderman Cec Tallack

Deceased Aldermen and Alderwomen

Alderman John Bedford, Alderman Ray Bellchambers, Alderman Tom Branson, Alderman Aileen Button, Alderman Bill Cauldwell, Alderman Luing Cowley, Alderman James Dewick, Alderman Bert Eley, Alderman Edward Ellis, Alderman Les Fairey, Alderman Ernest Fryer, Alderman Bruce Hardwick, Alderman Charles Head, Alderman Maurice Howell, Alderman David Lee, Alderman Henry Powell-Shedden, Alderman Alan Pugh, Alderman Fred Smith, Alderman Bert Tapp, and Alderman David Taylor.