What does the Care and Response - Care Service do?

Our Home Care service provides support to Adults (18+) with a wide variety of differing care needs ranging from physical care needs due to disabilities, through to older adults that may have been diagnosed with Dementia or have long standing health conditions.

The purpose of our service is to enable people to remain living safely and as independently as possible in their own homes for as long as possible by providing care which is tailored to individual needs. Each person in receipt of a service will be involved in developing their own care and support plan, considering individual preferences and needs. Help and care provided may include help with tasks such as managing daily hygiene needs, support with getting dressed / undressed, help with making meals and drinks, support with managing medication and any other essential daily tasks that are critical to daily living.

How to access this service

Access to this service is subject to assessment  to determine if a person is eligible. If you think that you need this help please contact our Access Team or you can complete a request for care and support.

Please be aware that although the Council has its own Care Service it may also arrange for you to have help from a local Domiciliary Care Service or give you a Direct Payment for you to arrange the support you need including employing your own Personal Assistant.

This service is a  CQC Registered Service

Adult Services - Care and Response Care Service

Care and Response Care Service contact information

1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ