Who is a Carer?

A carer is anyone who is looking after a parent, a brother or sister, relative or friend who has a long term illness, a physical disability or a mental health problem.  Carers spend time doing things for other people who cannot do those things for themselves, examples of the things carers might do include:

  • helping someone to eat or bath
  • giving someone their medicine
  • keeping an eye on someone if they drink too much alcohol or take dangerous drugs
  • helping people who behave oddly at times or have mood swings

It is important that carers get the help and advice that they need to tackle anything that rises around their caring role.

What is a Carers Assessment?

Assessment is an opportunity to discuss your situation, to agree what your needs are and to start to identify your support options. You can ask for a carers assessment 

  • if you are caring for someone
  • you intend to care for someone
  • if the person you care for does not get help from the Council or agree to have their own Care and Support Assessment. 

During the assessment the worker will ask about:

  • your caring role and how it affects your life and wellbeing
  • your health – physical, mental and emotional issues
  • your feelings and choices about caring
  • work, study, training, leisure
  • relationships, social activities and your goals
  • housing
  • planning for emergencies e.g. if you were ill

You will need to ask for your carers assessment from the Council of the person that you support. In Milton Keynes you can ask for an assessment by contacting the ACCESS Team or, if the person concerned is already in contact with one of our services, you should get in touch with that team. 

After the assessment

When your assessment is complete if you are asking for support funded by Adult Social Care we then will need to decide if you are eligible for this. The Care Act 2014  introduced national eligibility criteria which must be used to decide what help the council can give you.  Your needs could be eligible if you are unable to do certain things and this effects your wellbeing, this is described in the Eligibility Section.

You will receive a written copy of your completed assessment and the eligibility decision.
• If you do not have eligible needs the Council will give you information and advice about what other services can help you and may also be able  to put you in touch with other organisations to help you.
• If you have eligible needs, the Council will contact you to discuss what help might be available and what happens next.

Financial Assessment and Charging for Carers

A carers assessment can be carried out regardless of your financial situation and Milton Keynes City Council has decided that it will not, currently, charge carers for any services that we provide directly to them. 

Having a carers’ assessment will not affect your right to receive a carers’ allowance which some people receive for caring on a full-time basis.

New Adult Carers initiative

MK City Council are currently rolling out a new initiative to support Adult Carers, more information is available on our Support for Adult Carers page.

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