Personal Budgets and Care and Support Planning

Your Personal Budget

If you are eligible for social care services the information from your assessment will be used to calculate an amount of money the Council may pay to arrange the care and support you need. This is known as a 'Personal Budget' and the exact amount will be confirmed when your Care and Support Plan (in the case of adults with care and support needs) or a Support Plan (in the case of carers) is agreed.

Your Care and Support/Support Plan

This describes how the needs identified in your assessment will be met, by who, their cost and if you want to take your Personal Budget as ;

  • Direct Payment ('one off' or ongoing money paid to you to buy your own support)
  • Managed Service (the Local Authority will purchase services on your behalf)
  • a mixture of both

The Council must agree the plan and:

  • that the planned support can adequately meet the needs and outcomes from your assessment
  • how you will manage your budget
  • the amount of your Personal Budget

You will be given a copy of your Care and Support Plan/ Support Plan and your support can be arranged and begin.


Your Plan is a live document and will be initially reviewed after 6 - 8 weeks and then at least annually.

You can ask for a review at any time if your circumstances change. 


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